Dutch pupils from Vlieland are visiting a school on Hrisey, Iceland!

Within the Island Schools project, there are 4 weeks incorporated, where students from one island school, after working for 6 weeks on the SDG-related challenges, visit the other school to strengthen their relationship with each other.

That is what happened this May, when the pupils from De Jutter, travelled to Iceland to meet their matched school in person. Before that De Jutter and Hriseyjarscoli were working together for 6 weeks – first, identifying the challenges both island schools are facing and then empowering their students to educate the island community on the issue at hand, and find creative ways to solve it. Week 7 (of the 8-week curriculum), was designed for the two schools to meet (whether online or in-person) and present their finding to each other.

And it worked like magic! The week that the two schools spent together resulted in a tight connection not only between the schools but also between their pupils.

And after coming home from Hrisey, the students from De Jutter decorated their school to commemorate this trip!