InclusionToC project: Empowering Women Migrants in VET education

Six European organizations from Poland, Greece, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy and Cyprus have joined forces for a project called InclusionToC. This Erasmus+ project is dedicated to promoting the inclusion of migrant women in Vocational Education and Training (VET) through the Theory of Change (ToC) approach. The project’s hands-on methodology engages all participants, including target groups, in a co-creation process.

By harnessing the power of the ToC method, the project aims to foster long-term impact and sustainable change in VET education. Key areas of focus include the development of a training course for VET staff, the creation of a digital platform, and the production of a training guide tailored specifically for migrant women.

The consortium has been hard at work on the development of the training course, which is currently underway. Extensive research has been conducted in the six partner countries, resulting in a comprehensive synthesis report. Interestingly, the findings reveal a remarkable consistency of challenges faced by VET staff in their daily interactions with migrants across these countries. Effective communication with migrants, motivation strategies, and the selection of appropriate tools and methods were identified as the primary obstacles, as reported by migrant women.

The training course seeks to equip VET staff with the necessary skills to enhance the inclusion of women migrants. Following the course, the project will continue to provide support through the development of a digital platform and a training guide, further bolstering the inclusion of migrant women in VET education.

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