PROGRAM project seeks to inspire young people through Makerspaces

European organizations join forces to inspire young unmotivated people by learning and experimenting in Makerspaces.

All over the world, more and more Makerspaces pop-up. And that’s no surprise. Making is vital to what it means to be human. There is something unique about making tangible things. Creating is not just a ‘nice’ activity; it transforms, connects, and empowers. This is exactly the reason that 7 educational partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and Lithuania joined forces to open up makerspace to youth on the verge of dropping out of school and actively involve this group of individuals in the Makerspaces. How can makerspaces motivate and empower them to take control over their personal and professional life?

The partners of the PROGRAM project during the kick-off meeting in Cuenca, Spain.

In November 2019, the partners of the PROGRAM-project met at Fab Lab Cuenca to discuss the approach. The first step to increase the impact of Makerspaces on the learning of students, the development of their entrepreneurial skills and their personal development, is making an inventory of similar successful approaches in Europe. This will result in a guide of best practice and form the basis for the development of workshops and curricula in the PROGRAM-project.

Besides lead partner VIVES, Spes Nostra and Rhizo from Belgium, Friesland College D’Lab and the Learning Hub Friesland Foundation from the Netherlands, Fab Lab Cuenca from Spain and M Lab Vulius from Lithuania participate in the project.