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FabConnectHer is poised to unlock the potential of Fab Labs in addressing the gender gap in STEAM fields, by empowering future female innovators through inspiration, skills and networks. The project aims to deliver progress that crosses differing ages and motivations of girls and women, whether its pursuing a career in STEAM or starting a business.

Digital Upbringing

The Digital Upbringing project aims to improve the digital competences of parents, so they can protect their children from the dangers of the digital world, while also providing them with the opportunities it has to offer.


SMEs are important within Europe’s economy. In 2019, SMEs in the EU-28 NFBS accounted representing almost all EU-28 NFBS sector enterprises…


The world is changing fast and it is vital that education keeps pace. Yet, at a time when innovation is most needed, the world of education is lagging…

Be Cyber Safe and Responsible

The programme aims to improve the digital literacy skills of pupils, including their avoidance of, and response to, cyber-bullying, radicalization, and attempted grooming as victims or bystanders.

Story Valley

The Story Valley project uses oral history as a driver for improving literacy skills, preserving cultural heritage and enrich it with the oral history and heritage of other cultures.

What The Hack?

The project wants to provide young people more opportunities in a safer cyber environment by teaching them ethical hacking.


The project has a purposeful Recruitment Of Gamers, Rascals And Makers in Makerspaces. Motivating young people who are no longer motivated for school to learn and experiment.


HaLL combines physical education with other school subjects in secondary schools, using the latest digital tools.

Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors aims to help schools upskill their teachers to well-equipped online tutors in order to cope with the increasing needs of digital studies


This project will help increasing the ability of educators who are working with low-skilled, low- qualified adults to use digital learning strategies and tools.


Strengthening primary schools capacity to develop skills in subjects such as art and cultural heritage through innovative and interactive teaching methods and approaches