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PRONTO project focus on two specific questions: How to support the VET sector to be better equipped to meet the demands of the digital era and How to support enterprise and entrepreneurship to improve competitiveness and performance. The project will result in the development and deployment of high-quality, innovative work-based VET within the context of […]


The European Green Deal is a response to the current climate and environmental challenges.DEAL4EU is a network of 8 different European towns that will promote Green Deal values, objectives, and policies among youngsters in order to make them Green ambassadors in their own home territories. At this regard, DEAL4EU aims to disseminate the Green Deal […]


Today, global community faces enormous challenges:How to deal with climate change, food security, food production for agrowing population and theend of the oil reserves?For prosperity and wellbeing for 9 billion people in 2050, another wayof production of food, feed,materials and energy is needed. A circular society can offer solutions. It will create regional economicgrowth and […]

Creative Europe

For almost four decades, several European arts organizations have been pioneering the programming of cultural interventions in protected and important landscapes. In this time, we have become increasingly aware of the special responsibility we have towards the sometimes fragile and protected landscapes in which we operate and the important role we can play in connecting […]

Daily Dose of Music

Daily Dose of Music takes the latest research and practices on applying music in care and brings it to the VET level, adapting to the needs of students and the care organizations who will be their future employers. The project aims to increase the use of music in the caring professions by training a new […]


The context of the project inclusive and Innovative Pedagogies for Educators aims to close the gap between policy and practice. We firmly believe that “the quality of an educational system depends upon the quality of its teachers”(Teaching in Focus Brief 2, OECD, 2012) and so educators are at the heart of our work. Our suite […]


Get Ready for the Music Industry! StagePass is an opportunity for young people to become more creative through networking with other like-minded students with an interest in music from across Europe. StagePass will give young people aged 16-18 the opportunity to pursue their musical goals and get access to industry skills and real-life opportunities. Using […]


Creative resources to facilitate local communities The starting point and background of the Cre-Com project is the social distance required due to the pandemic that broke out in early 2020 and the series of restrictive measures required for this. In this situation, professionals and organizations that organize informal learning activities for adults have suddenly stopped their entire […]

Giggin’ Policy

Little is known about the realities of ‘Gig work’ and there is a growing need to reflect on how society deals with these changes in a manner that protects and educates vulnerable young people.

Story Valley

The Story Valley project uses oral history as a driver for improving literacy skills, preserving cultural heritage and enrich it with the oral history and heritage of other cultures.

Young Social Makers

The project aims to empower vocational students and teachers to design new products and solutions to boost the social inclusion of those with special needs.

What The Hack?

The project wants to provide young people more opportunities in a safer cyber environment by teaching them ethical hacking.