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This project uses the participatory Theory of Change to promote and increase the inclusion of migrant women in VET education.


SMEs are important within Europe’s economy. In 2019, SMEs in the EU-28 NFBS accounted representing almost all EU-28 NFBS sector enterprises…


The world is changing fast and it is vital that education keeps pace. Yet, at a time when innovation is most needed, the world of education is lagging…


The project will result in the development and deployment of high-quality, innovative work-based VET within the context of helping entrepreneurs to implement high-impact,results-focused business improvement projects.


DEAL4EU is a network of 8 different European towns that will promote Green Deal values, objectives, and policies among youngsters in order to make them Green ambassadors in their own home territories.


BioCompaims to describe and prioritize specific skills/competencies in the Biobased economy (BBE), additional to the existing ESCO skills description, and to develop an online tool based on LearningScenarios to create personalized training programs for workers in the circular economy.

Creative Europe

In this project we focus on landscape-based arts as a vital art form for the Anthropocene.

Daily Dose of Music

Daily Dose of Music takes the latest research and practices on applying music in care and brings it to the VET level, adapting to the needs of students and the care organizations who will be their future employers.


The context of the project inclusive and Innovative Pedagogies for Educators aims to close the gap between policy and practice.


In the 21st century, we are surrounded by complex and ill-structured issues such as combating global climate change, preventing the spread of coronavirus, animal testing for medical purposes, consumption of GMO foods…

Wiki Women

The project will bring together schools, Wikipedia foundations, and language organizations in minority language regions of Europe to use Wikipedia as a tool to teach digital literacy, social engagement, and language skills.

Be Cyber Safe and Responsible

The programme aims to improve the digital literacy skills of pupils, including their avoidance of, and response to, cyber-bullying, radicalization, and attempted grooming as victims or bystanders.