Smart Hands

Since the entry of the assembly line, we have segregated our ‘head and hands’ so to say, both in education and in the field of work. On the other hand, we now witness a growing interest in producing local products and circular and sustainable design and increasing demand for skilled workers who can think and act. This shift demands a new young professional.

By using both our HEAD and our hands, we reach our HEART. The student who is inventive, knows about the material, is skilled, is focused, and has a team spirit, has the future. We aim to create a commitment to the vocational arts, in education, and in life. Students learn to follow the path of their tendency and talent, rather than relegating everyone to a college prep track. By challenging students to take their time, and perform trial & error activities, we appeal to them to be clever and crafty.

This also includes prolonging their attention span and being able to work in a focused manner on long-term assignments, viewing an assignment from all angles. Our ambition is to educate skills in a cross-subject manner to create a context for students. The combination of alpha, beta, and gamma subjects in one task challenges students to be more exploring, creative, ingenious, and inventive. The important aspect here is to create the circumstances for students to “learn to learn” this way.

The youth unemployment in the EU underlines the necessity to spark a dynamic and positive attitude among young people towards enterprising behavior, networking skills, and pro-activity. Learning by doing and educating students to take initiative and investigate opportunities themselves, will increase employability. Smart Hands addresses this need by the key focus on the initiative of the student.

Project Partners

House of Design
Singelland (school)
AEJE, Portugal
Colegiul National Emil Racovita
Kummun koulu

Project Funders