The project aims to help schools improve their teachers’ skills into well-equipped online tutors in order to cope with the increasing needs of digital studies.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis for education institutions worldwide, it forced the whole branch to digitalize education in less than a couple of weeks’ time. Before the pandemic, globalisation and climate change were demanding innovation and digitalisation of (distance) education as well.
How can we bend the crisis into an opportunity to accelerate innovation in teaching-learning digitally?
Together with Friese Poort and several European education partners, Learning Hub Friesland want to learn how VET-schools in Europe have handled teaching during the Covid19 pandemic and how we can improve the skills of Vocational Education teachers and trainers to meet the future needs of (distance) education.

To be specific, we want to:
– Improve the teaching-learning process of on-line and blended training courses
– Upskill on-line teachers and trainers as “digital tutor”.
– Create a resource repository to support digital tutors in their daily work.

Project Partners

Friese Poort College, The Netherlands
Meraki Projects, Spain
eMundus, Lithuania
IES Districte Maritim, Spain
Kedainiai VET centre, Lithuania

Project Funders