The Digital Upbringing project aims to develop and improve the digital competences of parents, subsequently their children and educators. So parents can protect their children from the dangers of the digital world, but also provide them with the opportunities it offers.

Digital technologies and tools have started to play a big role in our society and in the workplace over the last years and will get even bigger in the future. Since the growing use and importance of digital technologies in the European society, the younger generation tends to spend more time online. The digital media is also changing and becoming more personal and complex. This comes with challenges, especially for parents.

The aim of the digital upbringing project is to improve the digital competences of parents. Parents are responsible for protecting their children and helping them to learn and grow, also when it comes to navigating the digital world. This means protecting them from the danger of the digital world, but also providing them with the opportunities it offers.

The first project result, a digital competence framework for parents and guardians, will be one of the first competence frameworks catered specifically towards parents and guardians. It will describe what it means for parents to support their children in the digital world, safeguard them and also promote digital opportunities.

The second project result will work on facilitating the setup of networks and communities in a Digital Upbringing Community Partnership. Connecting existing practices can result in more coordinated work and a better impact. To give other organizations and communities the tools to also set up a partnership a blueprint and toolkit will be developed.

The third project result focuses on intergenerational learning, which means facilitating knowledge transfer and understanding between generations. The intergenerational learning program will be developed for trainers and educators who want to provide intergenerational workshops in digital topics.

To share all the resources, videos, podcasts and webinars will be available on the topic. This year the competence framework will be launched and several workshops for parents and organizations are organized in 2023. Read more project updates in the second newsletter:

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Meath Partnership
Center for Social Innovation
Learning Hub Friesland

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