The context of the project inclusive and Innovative Pedagogies for Educators aims to close the gap between policy and practice. We firmly believe that “the quality of an educational system depends upon the quality of its teachers”(Teaching in Focus Brief 2, OECD, 2012) and so educators are at the heart of our work. Our suite of training resources will provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create genuinely engaging learning experiences for students, in three key areas:

a) Diversity and inclusion

b) Innovation for 21st-century skills

c) Digital technology

Our approach

most educators are aware of diversity. What they find most difficult is knowing how to change their teaching practices and being motivated to leave their comfort zone. It is easy for teachers of all ages and backgrounds to feel lost in the sea of new concepts such as blended learning, experiential learning, student-centered pedagogy, and computational thinking. In response, our approach is to:

  • Focus clearly on a single, substantial issue: innovative pedagogies to improve inclusion and learning outcomes
  • Create learning resources that excel in clarity, and practical application and which exemplify the creative and engaging techniques.

Our objectives and outcomes

Our ultimate goal, therefore, is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to engage in pedagogic innovation, helping them to create inclusive, innovative, and genuinely engaging learning experiences for all their students. Our specific objectives are:

  1. Create 3 new resources to increase educators’ ability to use differentiated instruction, employ innovative pedagogic approaches, and harness technology to improve learning outcomes.

2. Rigorously research and test each resource with at least 60 direct participants to optimize the relevancy and effectiveness for educators across Europe as possible.

3. Carry out a strategic and differentiated dissemination campaign to ensure at least 550 educators, managers and stakeholders understand and use the resources in the short term.

Project Partners

Open Education Community foundation
European E - learning Institute

Project Funders