In a world where equality should be the norm, every child and young person, regardless of their background, should have equal access to quality education and the opportunity to shape their future. Regrettably, studies have shown that our society is plagued by significant inequality, both social and economic, which have been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for socially vulnerable children.

The Weekend School project envisions a world where children have the chance to explore various professions and engage with individuals from diverse sectors and businesses. Through these experiences, they can gain a better understanding of the world and the endless possibilities it offers. The long-term aim of the project is to establish Weekend School education throughout Europe, addressing the barriers that currently limit opportunities for young people.

At the core of the project is the belief that children thrive when they find joy in learning. It goes beyond mere academic achievement or completing homework. The Weekend School project embraces a non-formal approach that nurtures each child’s unique talents and passions. The project started with the Weekend School in Sneek, Friesland, and the ultimate goal is to make Weekend School education accessible throughout Europe. By doing so, the project aims to not only increase possibilities and opportunities but also to provide a supportive network for students, reducing the risk of early school dropout.

During the project’s lifetime, we plan to establish new Weekend Schools in all our partner regions and the project consortium will develop several resources to support this and others who want to set up a Weekend School:

Weekend School Set-up handbook: A comprehensive guide designed to assist individuals and organisations in establishing Weekend Schools in their communities. The handbook will provide invaluable insights, practical tips, and step-by-step instructions to help successfully launch and run a weekend school program.

Self Quick Scan Tool: An assessment tool that will allow you to conduct simple research to determine the feasibility and support for starting  a Weekend School in your municipality, school or organisation. Identify opportunities and challenges, compare results and discover areas for improvement.

Language Games Portfolio: This toolkit will include engaging language games that encourage collaboration, vocabulary expansion and mutual learning among students.

International Weekend School Platform & Community: This platform will serve as a global hub for Weekend School educators, organisers and enthusiasts. It will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, best practices, and scientific information, offering practical tools and opportunities for Weekend Schools to connect internationally.

Stay tuned for updates on when these resources will become available and other updates.

Project Partners

Stichting Weekendschool Sudwest-Fryslan
Comitato d’Intesa ODV
FAM Y LIAS. Recursos para la diversidad. Sociedad Cooperativa
Bornova İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü
Learning Hub Friesland

Project Funders