The project will bring together schools, Wikipedia foundations, and language organizations in minority language regions of Europe to use Wikipedia as a tool to teach digital literacy, social engagement, and language skills. There are too few Wikipedia articles on women, and too few in minority languages.

Our approach pupils will be guided through the process of researching women who are not yet featured on Wikipedia and writing articles on them in their national and minority language store dress this balance. In the process, they’ll gain vital digital and research skills plus added confidence in using their minority language, as well as contributing to the online presence of their language.

WikiWomen, therefore, addresses some truly European and global challenges for the coming years: the need for digital skills and literacy, the position of Europe’s smaller and minority languages, the need for multilingualism to be mainstreamed across school curricula, and the importance of gender equality, not only in society but also in the information we access. These are pressing topics in all three of our partner regions(Friesland, the Basque Country, and Ireland) and far beyond.

Generations growing up today are used to the idea that they have the world’s information constantly available via the smartphone in their pocket. However, this overwhelming amount of information creates new skills which need to be learned: how to find trustworthy information, how to verify information found online, how to find the relevant information you need, and where to find information if it’s not available digitally. Writing a Wikipedia article offers a great way for pupils to learn these skills, using and citing both online and offline sources, as well as themselves seeing the process of publishing work online which itself will serve as a source of information for others

Project Partners

Stichting Algemiene Fryske Underriocht Kommisje Af û k
Learning Hub Friesland
Fryske Akademy
Wikimedia Ireland
Col á iste Oiriall
Euskal Wikilarien Kultura Elkartea
Gobierno Vasco

Project Funders