Your Business Success develops an innovative approach to help aspiring entrepreneurs to prepare practical and performance-focused business plans.

The Your Business Success (YBS) project will develop an innovative approach to enable the primary target group (aspiring entrepreneurs and business owner/managers of micro and small enterprises) to prepare practical and performance-focused business plans. This will be achieved through the development of a new digital business planning tool and methodology supported by a new VET course and learning resources.

The YBS digital business planning and management tool will help participants to prepare business plans where the enterprise’s objectives linked and supported by operational plans, VET training and employee’s skills, competences and performance targets.

Partners will create a new VET curriculum and course called Your Business Success. The project will increase the quality of VET provision in the field of entrepreneurship and enterprise support through the delivery of a C1 training the trainer course. Once trained as YBS Coaches, the VET teacher/trainers will deliver the YBS VET course to the target group thereby developing their knowledge and understanding of business planning and the use of the YBS digital planning tool.

The project will contribute to the development of an increased sense of entrepreneurship both within the primary target group. It will also increase the digital competence of VET teacher/trainers by exposing them to the effective use of digital technologies in the delivery of enterprise VET courses.

At the end of the YBS project, Partners will have created a new and an attractive training course that promotes the use of innovative methods and a new pedagogical approach to the delivery of business and enterprise planning and management; Partners will have created a new open education resource relevant to a wide range of different audiences including aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and managers and enterprise support agencies and VET institutes engaging in enterprise training. Partners will seek to widen the impact of the project beyond the immediate target groups by preparing a good practice guide and in the form of a book (Output 3: Best Practice Handbook: Planning for Business Success). Through the dissemination activities and the multiplier events (E1 – E6), Partners will seek to influence the strategies and initiatives supported and sponsored by a range of other VET actors and stakeholders (e.g. regional/national government agencies, VET centres and education institutes, business support agencies and Awarding Bodies with responsibility for and/or an interest raising interest in entrepreneurship and the development of micro and small-medium enterprises).

Project Partners

VEDA, Bulgaria
Exponential Training, UK
Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal
Momentum, Ireland
Spektrum Educational Center, Romania Spektrum Educational Center, Romania
Best Cybernetics, Greece

Project Funders