Dissemination Reporting Tool

The tool is mainly for the Erasmus+ partners when reporting their dissemination activities, together with their progress and results. It is part of the Dissemination Plan for any Erasmus+ project.

How do you use it?

Please download and fill out the form

The Dissemination reporting tool allows you to report dissemination activities done by each partner.
This tool is used once the project has been approved by an agency and has already started.

To use the tool, after performing a dissemination activity, fill in the blanks in the table. The Excel file above already has some pre-selected categories that can be viewed by clicking on the drop-down menu under each cell in the table. These pre-selected options may be ignored or reprogrammed in Excel itself.
By keeping track of the before-mentioned activities, it is possible to fill in reports for your agency (for instance, an Interim Report) regarding your dissemination activities. As well as to know if partners or your organization are fulfilling their required dissemination tasks.