Our first project Craft Your Future has been finalized with a score of 95 points!

Craft Your Future began in 2017 with an idea to create a project that combines traditional crafts and modern techniques. The following year, the application was submitted to Erasmus Plus and approved by the agency. What happened next is history – Craft Your Future helped students from different regions and countries bond together and become true friends, developed strong regional alliances in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Spain, and even attempted to solve coronavirus problems by using traditional crafts! Looking back, we are extremely proud of all the amazing things this project brought us and our region, it would not be possible without such partners as Friesland College , Hodnl Houseofdesign , НГПИ “Тревнeнска школа” , Universitat Politècnica de València UPV , FabLab Valencia , and The FabriC. Thank you for this experience and let’s make more amazing projects in the future!

Want to know more about Craft Your Future, visit the website: https://craftyourfuture.eu