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Learning Hub Friesland is developing tools in order to help organizations to start their own Erasmus+ project and successfully run it.
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IO Workplan Template

LHF presents you the template that helps you in creating work plans for your Intellectual Outputs (IOs).

Miro Introduction Video

A short video showing you how to use Miro for a daily basis.

Project Roadmap

Not sure how to write an Erasmus+ project proposal? LHF has some detailed instructions for you!

Intellectual Outputs Template

LHF presents you an overview for the Intellectual Outputs section in an Erasmus+ project.

Dissemination Plan Template

A dissemination plan template that will make your dissemination & exploitation plan easier.

Dissemination Reporting Tool

The Dissemination reporting tool allows you to report dissemination activities done by each partner.

Project Concept Template

LHF presents you the project concept template that might be helpful for your Erasmus+ project.