Preparing young people for a rapidly changing society. An open mindset. Cooperation. Learning from one another.

A hub for education in Friesland

Learning Hub Friesland aims to stimulate education which keeps up with the latest developments in society. How? By actively tackling the challenges which the educational sector faces in the coming years.

Working with local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities we look for partners in Friesland and Europe and work together on solutions to create education which is truly ready for 21st century realities. Curious? Check out our current projects.

Exploring how other schools and organisations do things differently, putting your own educational system into perspective and stepping out of your comfort zone; innovation comes much quicker and easier if you have the chance work internationally. Interested in cooperating with a school, college or university from Friesland? Contact us.

European cooperation

European cooperation offers schools more chances for innovation and collaboration, allowing them to stand out. Creating a network that also enables the young people they teach to gain valuable international experience.

Strengthening regional networks

We never operate on our own.

Solving challenges through education

Our projects are always glocal – they make the link between the challenges we face in Friesland and the joint global goals that we share with our international partners.

Always ready to help

We share our gained knowledge with those who are seeking it, and developing tools to help you to start a new project.

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