Deal4EU Ambassadors visiting Leeuwarden!

At the end of May, we had a chance to receive young ambassadors from the Deal4EU project, coming from Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Slovenia.
The two-day programme began with Anne Graswinckel giving an ideation workshop, and the participants learning about what they can do, on an individual level, to help make Europe more sustainable.

After lunch, participants were invited to BOSK, where the group heard about the project and its socio-ecological impact on the city. After talking to the volunteers on-site, the participants joined in moving the walking forest. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, the group needed to stop early, however, the artist who made BOSK, came to tell us about his project, the idea behind it and answer the questions. In this unplanned way, the participants have completed their Scavenger Hunt, where they needed to look for local initiatives (but instead the local initiatives found them!).
And the day was closed with a partner meeting and the participants telling everyone about their local activities!

Day 2 of the programme started at the local FabLab, where participants learned about the local initiatives and how waste can be turned into useful items. After the presentation of the FabLab, a contest was held, where everyone was asked to collect unused items that were laying around the room (things left from 3D printing, laser cutting, etc.) and make a useful invention out of them. The participants created everything from pillboxes from bottle caps to a door décor and even a drinking game from what a normal person would consider “trash”. Everyone had lunch on a boat while driving to the Water Campus Leeuwarden, where the Scavenger Hunt for local events continued. The participants got an introduction to the Campus itself, but also to why water is so important in Leeuwarden (because Leeuwarden is the “Capital of Water Technology”!). The meeting was concluded with a dinner and a “goodbye” to all the partners.