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For almost four decades, several European arts organizations have been pioneering the programming of cultural interventions in protected and important landscapes. In this time, we have become increasingly aware of the special responsibility we have towards the sometimes fragile and protected landscapes in which we operate and the important role we can play in connecting landscape and environmental issues to broader cultural audiences. We’re convinced that this emerging, interdisciplinary art form can form a vital part of the cultural sector’s response to the climate emergency, connecting global challenges to local landscape issues, connecting art to science and environmental work, and connecting audiences to the urgencies of our age. Building on previous projects and experience, we want to scale up our efforts to connect with new audiences and partners across Europe, making the case for landscape-based arts as a vital art form for the Anthropocene.

An artform whose further development will also contribute to two of the overarching ambitions of the Creative Europe program: innovation and sustainability.6 unique landscapes laboratories, 1 shared framework. Each partner will effectively create a Landscape Laboratory around the landscape in which they operate. Although the activities of each laboratory will follow the same framework, each of the labs will be carrying out its unique experiment based on its particular context. By giving space to each Laboratory’s specificities, we create a much more diverse range of experiment and innovations which can be transferred to more contexts across Europe. We also ensure that the activities of each partner work for them, making them far more sustainable and leading to a much greater local and regional impact. We also plan activities for professional development, European exchange and discussion, and, of course, the presentation of landscape-based works which respond to our local and global challenges

Project Partners

Le citron Jaune
Aktivny Park Rajec
Activate Performing Arts

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