Vocational students designing new products and solutions to boost the social inclusion of those with special needs.

Young Social Makers is an Erasmus+ project with partners from across Europe coming together to bridge the gap between VET teaching, makers culture and our social responsibility towards fellow citizens with special needs. By working together to develop practical tools we hope to create a more social and hands-on Europe!

​During the two-year project, organisations and colleges from Spain, Cyprus, Italy and the Netherlands will develop a learning programme for VET students, and give them the skills to design and prototype social objects which address the needs of people with special needs, using digital tools and machinery such as 3D printing, laser cutting, rapid prototyping and design thinking.

The core idea of the project is to develop a number of practical tools that can be used by VET teachers and students to create a new generation of Young Social Makers.

The YSM consortium consists of partners from across Europe with complementary expertise on VET, educational innovation, makers culture, people with special needs, FabLab technologies, co-creation, co-design and collaboration.

Project Partners

Emphasys, Cyprus
Funteso, Spain
Javier Garcia Tellez Secondary School, Spain
Turin Institute for the Deaf, Italy
Friesland College, The Netherlands
Eolas, Spain

Project Funders