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FabConnectHer is poised to unlock the potential of Fab Labs in addressing the gender gap in STEAM fields, by empowering future female innovators through inspiration, skills and networks. The project aims to deliver progress that crosses differing ages and motivations of girls and women, whether its pursuing a career in STEAM or starting a business.


This project uses the participatory Theory of Change to promote and increase the inclusion of migrant women in VET education.

Daily Dose of Music

Daily Dose of Music takes the latest research and practices on applying music in care and brings it to the VET level, adapting to the needs of students and the care organizations who will be their future employers.


In the 21st century, we are surrounded by complex and ill-structured issues such as combating global climate change, preventing the spread of coronavirus, animal testing for medical purposes, consumption of GMO foods…

Giggin’ Policy

Little is known about the realities of ‘Gig work’ and there is a growing need to reflect on how society deals with these changes in a manner that protects and educates vulnerable young people.

Story Valley

The Story Valley project uses oral history as a driver for improving literacy skills, preserving cultural heritage and enrich it with the oral history and heritage of other cultures.

Young Social Makers

The project aims to empower vocational students and teachers to design new products and solutions to boost the social inclusion of those with special needs.